TILT Creative Co.


Who We Are 

TILT Creative is a brand management and creative communications studio based out of Downtown Ottawa. We focus on helping businesses communicate effectively to their target markets by creating intelligent customer experiences that shape the future success of our clients. Our passion is telling your story through a unique and creative voice. 

At TILT we challenge the status quo and ingrained patterns of thinking. We push past comfort zones to discover new outcomes and possibilities for you and your one of a kind business, project, or organization.

When we choose to TILT we intensely shift our perspective and create the openness and space to fully embrace change and creativity.

Ioana Todosia

Owner & Consultant


Ioana oversees the running of TILT Creative and the development of client relationships. She works one on one with clients to craft creative brand and communications strategies that are uniquely theirs.  

Equal parts leader, relationship builder and creative curator, Ioana brings a fresh and community driven approach to the business strategies of TILT's clients.

When she's not hustling and expanding her skills and knowledge base, Ioana spends most of her free time travelling, seeking inspiration in nature, and taking in as many music and art experiences as possible. Culture and adventure fuel her soul and she calls Romania, British Columbia and Ottawa home.